At Vida Medical Clinic and Support Services, we equip, educate, and empower men to overcome obstacles, reach their potential, and lead healthy lives. This includes leading a life of sexual integrity. Whether you are currently struggling with porn, sexual addiction, or other concerns related to sexual integrity, we seek to empower you to find healing, experience growth, and walk the path of freedom.

Next Series:

Date: Mondays, starting September 4

Time: 6-8 p.m.

Description: Every week, men can gather, develop community and learn tools to help them fight addiction to pornography or other struggles with sexual integrity. About 30 minutes of each weekly session will include time of teaching, followed by about an hour of small group time where all guys will be able to talk about the lesson and check in on how the previous week has been. 

Study/Content: Conquer Series, a product of Soul Refiner

Questions or to register? Contact Seth at 920-527-1483.


Other Programs and Services for Men:

In addition to this program regarding sexual integrity support for men, Vida also provides free male mentoring for dads, in Vida Support Services and free STD testing and treatment in Vida Medical Clinic.