Pregnancy Options

When you are pregnant and faced with making the decision to parent, place your child for adoption, or have an abortion, there are very real implications for your mind and body. You’ve got time. No woman should feel rushed, pressured or judged. Medically accurate information is the key to making good decisions and is the hallmark of quality healthcare. Vida Medical Clinic nurses and Vida Support Services mentors are here to help. We will meet you where you are on your journey, through what can be a very difficult time.

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, heavy hearts and frantic minds have struggled with these types of questions/fears:

  • What do I do because my boyfriend/husband doesn’t want the baby?
  • I’m too young!
  • I just can’t tell my family.
  • I have no support.
  • How will I finish school?
  • I can’t afford a child.

You are not alone! Our nurses and mentors have helped thousands of women, young and old, who are trying to find answers to challenging questions. No woman should feel as if they cannot make the choice to parent because they have no money, no place to live, or lack the support of family and/or friends. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you may also feel alone, afraid, and overwhelmed by how this choice may change your life. Vida firmly believes that no woman should have to walk this road alone. We provide support services that will address many of the issues you may feel are too difficult to overcome. We also work closely with other community agencies to make sure you have the help you need including financial assistance, temporary housing, maternity clothing, pre-natal education, free lactation consultation, free labor and delivery classes, mentoring, etc.

It’s ok if you are not ready to parent. It is important to understand and make a fully informed decision about adoption. Some benefits of choosing an adoption are:

  • You can focus on your education and/or career
  • You will not need to parent before you are ready
  • You will have the time and space you need to plan your future and your baby’s future
  • You can continue to have contact with your child and be a part of his or her life

The process of adoption is not what it used to be. Vida has the resources to help you formulate an adoption plan that empowers you to make healthy, life affirming decisions for you and your baby. If you choose to, you can select and meet the parents who will raise your child. You can also choose how involved, if at all, you want to be in the life of your child. Our nurses and mentors would be happy to discuss this option with you.

We do not refer for or perform abortions at Vida Medical Clinic. However, we do provide health care services that would be necessary/required before obtaining an abortion. First, we can confirm your pregnancy through a lab quality hCG urine test. Second, in the State of Wisconsin an ultrasound is required before the abortion takes place. See Wisconsin State Statute §253.10 Voluntary and informed consent for abortions. Vida Medical Clinic offers a limited OB ultrasound free of charge. Through the ultrasound three main questions will be answered: 1) is there a pregnancy inside the uterus; 2) how far along are you in weeks and days from your last menstrual period and estimated delivery date; and 3) is there a heartbeat (versus possible miscarriage). The ultrasound will determine which abortion procedure can be done. If your pregnancy is not viable, you will not need an abortion. We can also provide STD testing and treatment free of charge. For your health and safety, it is recommended to be tested and treated for any STDs prior to having an abortion. Click here for  information about at-home abortion. 

Plan B One Step, also known as the morning after pill or emergency contraception, is used by women to prevent a pregnancy if they have had unprotected sex. Plan B One Step works by releasing a high dose of levonorgestrel. It may work by preventing the egg and sperm from meeting by delaying ovulation or not allowing fertilization to take place. If implantation has already occurred, this will not be effective in terminating the pregnancy and does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections. The following are potential side effects when using these types of pills: changes in mood; nausea and/or vomiting; dizziness; fatigue; headache; breast tenderness; spotting; heavy period; and lower abdominal pain or cramping.