Girlfriend Pregnant?

If you are worried your partner or girlfriend may be pregnant, here are some things you can do to support her:

  • Find out for sure if she is pregnant. Call Vida Medical Clinic to schedule a free pregnancy test or schedule an appointment online.
  • Go with her to her appointment.
  • If she is pregnant, ask her how she is feeling.
  • Share your feelings with her even if you are scared.
  • Let her know she is important to you.
  • Be positive and encouraging.
  • Don’t pressure her.
  • Gather facts and explore your options together.
  • Contact Vida Medical Clinic or Support Services to talk with people who understand what you are going through.
  • Reach out to other people like family members or friends who care about you and would be willing to help.
  • Respect the fact that the decision about what to do is ultimately hers to make.
  • Don’t try to avoid her or this situation. It will only make things worse.