Parenting Education

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. Vida Support Services offers a Earn While You Learn Program where moms and/or dads are matched up with a mentor who will support them and be their teacher. Mentors are seasoned parents. Simply put, they meet you where you are on your journey through parenting. They will provide one on one lessons on topics like:

  • infant massage
  • first year milestones
  • healthy baby
  • infant nutrition
  • infant hygiene
  • potty training
  • healthy sibling relationships
  • safety
  • oral health
  • bonding
  • tantrums
  • toddler nutrition

We also offer one on one consultation with a lactation counselor before and after delivery and information on strategies to effectively co-parent and parent alone. While learning, moms and/or dads will earn “baby bucks” which can be spent in our store. Our store has items like diapers, wipes, clothing, baby shampoo, formula, and other hygiene items for parents. If you are in need of gas, bus tickets, food or housing, we can help connect you to other community resources too. Mentors will work with clients to schedule appointments around a mom or dad’s busy schedule.


You can start receiving our services during your pregnancy or if you are already parenting a child under the age of 3.

You can be in the program until the child you are going to have or are already parenting turns 3.

Yes. Babies and children are always welcome to come with their parents into the appointment. We have a gated play area right next to the rooms where the mentoring appointments are held. Parents can watch their children in the play area on TV monitors.  Parents are also welcome to bring their child or children into the appointment room.

Yes. Dads, spouses and support persons are welcome to come and learn along with mom during her appointment times. Dads also earn “baby bucks” and can shop in the store.

Yes, dads can come for support and education.