Forgiven & Set Free

Next Session Begins August 21, 2024, 6-7:30 p.m.

Forgiven and Set Free is a 10-week Bible study and support group that aids individuals in finding freedom from the pain of reproductive loss because of past abortion(s). 

The 10-week session includes the topics such as How Do I Know I Need Healing, Character of God, Relief and Denial, Anger, Depression, The Need to Forgive, Steps to Freedom, Child of My Heart, Memorial Service, and Acceptance.

No matter what influences a woman to end a pregnancy, the physical, psychological, and spiritual side effects are real and not always anticipated. Feelings of guilt, shame, and grief become a heavy burden, and many women feel that they will never be free, that no one understands, and that God will never forgive them. There is hope.

After finding freedom in Christ by going though the study Forgiven & Set Free, Deb and Cindy now co-facilitate the study at Vida as a step in the healing process God has for every woman affected by their abortion decision.

The study guides hurting women to bring their emotional scars “out of the dark past and into His holy light” where true and lasting healing can take place. Delving into Scripture, help is offered to process and deal with relief, denial, anger, forgiveness, depression, letting go, and acceptance. For every woman yearning for the peace of God’s forgiveness, this study can be the first step to healing and wholeness.

At Vida, we are committed to helping women affected by abortion find freedom from the pain that is often denied because they are not given permission to grieve the loss of their child(ren). Studies show that nearly half a million women per year in the U.S. will struggle with post-abortion PTSD. Most do not realize seemingly unrelated daily struggles are connected to trauma from the reproductive loss of past abortion(s).

We are here to help you heal and find freedom. Please join us in this 10-week Bible study and support group where you will find freedom from the pain of reproductive loss because of your past abortion(s).

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Do I Have PTSD?

Have you struggled with one or more of these:

  • Unable to carry out daily tasks at work, school, or home
  • Too emotionally overwhelmed to function
  • Anxiety or feeling irritable
  • Aggressive behavior or outbursts of anger
  • Patterns of unhealthy relationships
  • Deterioration of self-worth
  • Lack of concentration, motivation, energy
  • Intense shame, guilt, and secret keeping
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Unable to come to a place of inner peace
  • Alcohol and/or drug use
  • Disturbing flashbacks from the past
  • Nightmares and sleep disturbances
  • Suicidal thoughts

If you are experiencing immediate physical problems after an abortion such as pain, bleeding, fever, or nausea, or if you reading this and experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call your doctor now or seek emergency room care.


If you are seeking other post-abortion support, view additional resources offered at Vida here