I Think I Want an Abortion. What Should I Do First?

I Think I Want an Abortion. What Should I Do First?


When considering if abortion is right for you, there are several steps you will want to take to ensure your health and safety. Some of these include receiving:

  • A pregnancy test and ultrasound
  • A STD screening
  • Information on the procedure (risks, side effects, and an emergency care plan)

Why Is a Pregnancy Test and Ultrasound Important?

First, to understand what options will be available to you, a pregnancy will need to be confirmed. For confirmation, a pregnancy test and ultrasound are utilized.

A pregnancy test and ultrasound are also important to pinpoint the stage and location of the pregnancy. These factors will influence the type of abortion you are eligible for.

A medical abortion should only be utilized for pregnancies located within the uterus (not ectopic pregnancies) and for pregnancies less than nine weeks old.

Why Should I Have an STD Screening?

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs can cause Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in women. PID is an infection that affects a woman’s reproductive system, usually caused by an STD.

The risk of developing PID is increased when a woman has an abortion, according to The National Library of Medicine. Therefore, to reduce the risk of PID, women should undergo STD testing before an abortion procedure that can potentially spread diseases. This screening will help better protect a woman’s well-being and long-term health.

What Should I Discuss With a Medical Provider?

To understand the abortion process, speaking with a medical professional is extremely helpful. Some topics for discussion should include risks, side effects, and emergency plans. These include:

  • Heavy bleeding — soaking two or more pads an hour for two hours
  • Severe abdominal or back pain
  • Fever lasting more than 24 hours
  • Foul-smelling vaginal discharge
Side effects:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache

An emergency plan is also essential should complications arise and immediate care is needed. Having a responsible and trusted provider you can contact at any time should an emergency arise is crucial for your continued safety.

Who Can I Discuss My Options With?

We encourage you to reach out if you have questions regarding these recommended guidelines or what options are available. 

Here at Vida Medical Clinic, we assist you and provide the answers you’re looking for. We offer free, confidential appointments with pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound, and STD testing and treatment.

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