Youth Outreach

Vida is committed to sexual health education by offering free presentations to our area youth inside school classrooms, clubs, and youth groups. 

Statistics show that one out of every four sexually active teens will contract a sexually transmitted infection/ disease (STD) and one out of two by age 25. Half of the 20 million new infections in the United States are acquired by 15- to 24- year-olds. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea rates are on the rise in our community. Acquiring an STD can lead to long-term health consequences. Our nurse covers current and medically accurate information, statistics, and facts about STDs in an easy to understand and interactive format. Vida Health Clinic also offers free STD testing, treatment, and further education in the safe and non-judgmental setting of our health clinic.

Our curriculum also covers information related to teen pregnancy and healthy relationships. About 2000 teens get pregnant every day in the United States. Teen mothers and their babies typically have more health problems, roughly one half of all teen moms do not graduate from high school, and only about 2% earn a college degree by age 30. Learning how to have a healthy relationship with setting boundaries and goal setting empowers our youth to have a plan for each season of their lives. The Center for Disease Control states that, “Abstinence from vaginal, anal, and oral intercourse is the only 100% effective way to prevent HIV, other STDs, and pregnancy.” Learning not to engage in risky behaviors, like teen sex, will positively impact their physical and emotional health.

Teens are listening! Less than one half of high school students have had sexual intercourse. Teaching our youth, sexually active or not, equips and empowers them to make healthy choices. Our interactive presentation enables the audience to freely ask questions, even anonymously if preferred, to ensure that they are getting accurate information that so often can be misinterpreted in social media, from their peers, and on inaccurate internet sites. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Vida is also offering this curriculum and presentation in a virtual setting as well.

If you are interested in having a Vida Medical Clinic nurse present to your classroom or group, please contact us at the following number 920-731-4354 and ask for the Youth Outreach Coordinator.

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