Stand “Together for Life” by Supporting Vida’s Mission

Stand “Together for Life” by Supporting Vida’s Mission


The Vida Board of Directors regrets to inform you that our annual Spring Fundraising Banquet, Together for Life, will be cancelled, not out of fear, but in compliance with the direction given to the American people by our elected officials.

Together for Life is Vida’s largest fundraiser of the year. Our goal is to bring people “together for life” to raise $50,000 despite the cancellation of our banquet because we are totally dependent upon the generosity of our donors. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring or donating to Vida. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please see our sponsor page.

Vida will work hard to be the hands and feet of Jesus by meeting the needs of the patients and clients we serve. Our Medical Clinic will remain open, we are most gratefully receiving donations that are dropped off at our door, and, we will continue to provide material support, including diapers and wipes, to the women and families we serve.

We recognize that this is an uncertain time for many of us, but we also know that we serve a loving God and know He will see us through the trials and tribulations of this worldwide pandemic. Please pray for us and know that we will be praying for the safety and good health of you and your families.