Vida Medical Clinic Receives Donation from Choose Life Wisconsin

Vida Medical Clinic Receives Donation from Choose Life Wisconsin


Vida Medical Clinic and Support Services received a nearly $2,000 donation from Choose Life Wisconsin to help support its mission to empower individuals to make healthy life-affirming decisions through education and medical services.

Since 2017, Choose Life Wisconsin has been actively assisting medical clinics and pregnancy resource centers in Wisconsin who are on the front lines of meeting the needs of women and families facing unplanned pregnancies and in support of life. Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Family Action joined forces with pro-life legislators and the Wisconsin DOT and DMV to provide the Choose Life license plate to Wisconsin citizens. A purchase of the Choose Life plate includes a tax-deductible $25 contribution each year to Choose Life WI, Inc. to support the ongoing work of Wisconsin’s life-saving, women-helping clinics and centers such as Vida.

Vida Medical Clinic provides other free and confidential services including ultrasound imaging and pregnancy tests; Pap, pelvic, and breast exams; and STD testing and treatment for men and women. Vida’s Support Services Program provides education and material support to pregnant women and parents of young children including free one-on-one labor and delivery classes and lactation consultation.

“It is an honor to serve those who protect the least of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are still in the womb of their mothers,” Pro-Life Wisconsin Executive Director Dan Miller said. “Medical clinics like Vida and pregnancy resource centers are the last line of defense for those vulnerable preborn babies.”

Pictured (l to r): Vida Executive Director Anne Tretinyak, J.D., State Representative Dave Murphy, and Pro-Life Wisconsin Executive Director Dan Miller at the Choose Life Wisconsin check presentation to the Fox Valley-based Vida Medical Clinic and Support Services.